We aim to provide learning solutions that are bespoke and can be customized to suit your organization’s every training need. As a knowledge based organization, we leverage our expertise, insights and experience to formulate training solutions that will deliver invaluable development to all users.

Customized learning with KPMG

Our learning methodology is based on a partnership model and will be developed on the basis of significant stakeholder engagement. Our programs are developed with your needs at the heart of the process, along with a focus on the impact you wish to achieve. With KPMG as your trusted advisor and learning partner, you will have access to our industry experts and technical experts collaborating and working towards developing a holistic learning solution to suit organization’s learning and development needs.

Modes of learning

Based on your organization’s learning and development needs, our programs will deliver the best in class solutions via the most appropriate delivery mechanisms.

  • Training by industry – We can create industry specific solutions spanning finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, real estate and many more.
  • Training methods – Every industry/ organization will have their own unique learning curve, we can plan and deliver our programs through both instructor-led and digital web-based channels to ensure we make a positive impact on the development of your organization and people.

For information regarding our bespoke solutions please contact us