One of the major concerns of today’s workforce is not having enough time. The skill of managing time is difficult to master, but can be learnt. Effective time management leads to significant positive outcomes such as work-life balance and reduced anxiety. Stress is often the immediate by-product of time mismanagement and has to be addressed simultaneously. The ‘Time and stress management’ course is designed to help you take control of your life. It helps you understand the concepts of time and stress, addresses the challenges and enables you to devise strategies to combat time and stress issues.


This course is developed for individuals who,

  • Work in high-pressure environments.
  • Struggle meeting project deadlines.
  • Struggle to maintain work-life balance.
  • Struggle to meet demands and expectations of various stakeholders.
  • Struggle maintaining focus under chaos.
  • Feel stress is affecting their performance and personality.


Language English
Audio Yes
Duration 60 Minutes