The “new” consumer is driving a new type of M&A

Today’s consumer markets’ companies are finding that their growth strategies are being influenced by two important trends:

  • Shoppers want a seamless, simplified transaction that fulfills their desire for instant gratification,
  • Consumers are obsessively seeking out products and experiences that improve their health and benefit the environment.

KPMG’s white paper, “analyzes how consumer markets’ companies can best respond.Companies who want to gain from this trend need to perform a strategic analysis on their existing platforms and shopping experiences and determine if M&A is needed to supplement their technology capabilities.

To address consumers’ wellness concerns, companies should understand the “greenness” of their current image, include health and environmental issues in their due diligence, and include a risk analysis that focuses on the evolving definition of health.

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See the future, act now

Technology has enabled consumer goods companies to have direct relationships with their customers. But with so many channels and multiple devices, the opportunity for a brand to build a lasting, significant relationship is increasingly difficult. With predictive analytics, companies can anticipate behavior in a given interaction with a high likelihood of probability and they can be ready with the right offer at the right time to win customers over.

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Exploring the future: Global business services in consumer markets

Consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers must reinvent their business models to become more flexible, adaptable, as well as more cost-effective.
At a time when profit margins are under pressure, CPGs and retailers are facing significant shifts in consumer buying habits and CPG companies and retailers are seeking ways to transform their operations.
A key component in this overall business model transformation is the creation and evolution of global business services (GBS) organizations that bundle transactional and expertise-based services across the spectrum of back and middle-office processes to create an agile platform for efficiency and effectiveness.

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Crossing the line

The digital economy has allowed organizations to collect more information about their customers than ever before. Consumers benefit from this closeness by receiving an easier, better, and more customized experience.

But while consumers understand their data is being collected and the organizations they deal with on a daily basis are potentially using it in a number of unknown ways, indiscriminate personal data collection risks alienating consumers and ‘creeping them out’.

KPMG asked almost 7,000 consumers in 24 countries a series of questions to understand in what circumstances they felt comfortable or uneasy about the use of their personal data – to understand what is considered ‘crossing the line’.

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How Consumer Demand for Transparency is Shaping the Food Industry

The 2016 Label Insight Food Revolution Study confirms that we truly are in the midst of a food revolution. It reveals key insights into consumer preferences for information about the food they’re consuming, as well as their openness to using innovative digital channels to access this information. This report discusses the key findings from our research, and offers concrete advice for brands looking to improve product transparency and foster long-term customer loyalty.

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Is it zero hour for consumer packaged goods companies?

Consumer packaged goods companies can no longer count on continued success based on the historic formula of mass production to mass distribution to mass marketing. Geographical entry points are dwindling, and stores are now closing faster than they are opening. The ability to make new markets with product innovation (i.e., new flavor, features, or technology) has been largely co-opted by new brands with specific, differentiated attributes. The benefits of growth, influence, and market share are quickly transitioning from traditional CPGs and retailers to a combination of online start-ups and platform companies. CPGs must get ahead of the full-scale disruption curve and invest in robust digital and social platforms and channels that will enable them to effectively engage with consumers.

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Your success has made you a target

For large retailers and consumer product companies, the days of continuous store growth and endless geographic expansion have given way to ubiquitous and chaotic competition This paper looks at how large retailers and consumer product companies can assess the extent of the risk they now face. And in turn, how they can recalibrate their organizations to compete in a new world, and then develop, prioritize and execute specific initiatives that will help them shore up in the near term and invest for the long term (3–5 years).

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An appetite for change: Key trends driving innovation in the restaurant industry

This publication examines the restaurant industry as it faces a variety of challenges keeping up with the rapid pace of change driven by the consumer trends and changing demographics. It also describes the rapidly shifting landscape and identifies the issues and choices facing businesses looking to successfully navigate the downturn and emerge with new business models faster than ever before.

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