Market Update: Oil & Gas – February 2018

Volatility, Inflation and the Oil Market

After a prolonged period of low volatility on global stock markets, a marked increase in bond yields has spooked investors with the possibility of a return to an inflationary environment resulting from strong economic growth. In lockstep with falling markets, oil has retreated from recent highs. However, inflationary pressures resulting from robust growth translates into increasing oil demand, with Goldman Sachs predicting growth at +1.9 Mbpd(1) in 2018, building on a strong 2017 (+1.6 Mbpd)(2) with better then expect demand growth across US, Europe and China last year.

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Choppy waters for global LNG

The new LNG world demands a diversity of approaches and business models. The best companies are seizing opportunities proactively.

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Closing the Cyber Insurance Gap

Over the past few decades the internet has enabled extraordinary innovation to take place, creating new business models, giving rise to world-changing companies and generating millions of jobs.

KPMG in the UK joins insurance market Lloyd’s of London and international law firm DAC Beachcroft to provide a sector-by-sector assessment of the cyber threats facing companies today. The new report also outlines the financial impact of data breaches, and analyzes both the immediate and ‘slow-burn’ costs that could dramatically increase the final bill for businesses and insurers.

Closing the cyber insurance gap, Global Thought Leadership

IT Internal Audit: Multiplying risks amid scarce resources

A look at how IT Internal Audit is responding to the increased pressure to measure the management and mitigation of technology risks.

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2017 Change Readiness Index

No country is immune to change, and how a country prepares for and reacts to sudden shocks or long-term trends has a huge impact on the success and welfare of citizens and institutions.

The change readiness index provides an understanding of a country’s ability to withstand and capitalize on change, can help key stakeholders- including governments, policy makers, NGO’s, civil society institutions, development agencies, investors and private sector enterprises, strengthen a country’s readiness for change.

2017, Change Readiness Index, KPMG Global Thought Leadership

Reinventing the chemical company with digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a part of the fourth and latest industrial revolution. Although many industries are making great strides in digital transformation, the chemical industry has been more a laggard than a leader.  However, to remain competitive and explore new opportunities, many chemical companies are using digital technology for smarter manufacturing, stronger customer relationships and faster innovation.

Reinventing the chemical company with digital transformation


Venture Pulse Q2 2017 – Global Analysis of Venture Funding

KPMG Enterprise’s Global Network for Innovative Startups has launched has the Q2’17 edition of the Venture Pulse Report. The report analyses the latest global trends in venture capital investment data and provides insights from both a global and regional perspective. KPMG Enterprise has expanded the scope of our Venture Pulse report, this edition of the quarterly series provides in-depth analysis on the lifecycle of venture capital investments across the Americas, EMA and ASPAC, including a look at investment activity such as valuations, financing, deal sizes, mergers & acquisitions, exits, corporate investment and industry highlights.

Global Analysis of Venture Funding

Navigating through change

The report, themed “Navigating through change”, describes how the regional banking sector is responding to market opportunities and challenges, including those posed by digitalization, changes in the geopolitical climate and regulatory developments.

Covering over 90 percent of the region’s listed banking assets, the report indicates that banks in the region have performed relatively well over the last 12 months, despite margin compression, increased impairment charges and increased funding costs. Whilst overall net profit has declined year-on-year for the first time in recent years, asset growth has remained robust at 6.5 percent on average across the region.

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The “new” consumer is driving a new type of M&A

Today’s consumer markets’ companies are finding that their growth strategies are being influenced by two important trends:

  • Shoppers want a seamless, simplified transaction that fulfills their desire for instant gratification,
  • Consumers are obsessively seeking out products and experiences that improve their health and benefit the environment.

KPMG’s white paper, “analyzes how consumer markets’ companies can best respond.Companies who want to gain from this trend need to perform a strategic analysis on their existing platforms and shopping experiences and determine if M&A is needed to supplement their technology capabilities.

To address consumers’ wellness concerns, companies should understand the “greenness” of their current image, include health and environmental issues in their due diligence, and include a risk analysis that focuses on the evolving definition of health.

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Two sides of a coin: Differing perspectives in Singapore’s family businesses

Over the past year, KPMG in Singapore and CPA Australia conducted research on the successes and challenges of local family-run businesses. We drew on our decades of experience in serving Singapore’s enterprises. We also conducted detailed interviews with 20 local business leaders, both founders and successors, on issues that matter most to them.

The aim was to examine perspectives from both generations of family-owned businesses when presenting the findings of our year-long endeavor. This was complemented by the participation of 100 successful Singaporean family businesses, in a survey conducted by KPMG.

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