The nature of money laundering crimes are evolving, and national and international bodies are revising their AML framework to stay relevant in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. However for AML measures to be successful, it is critical that organizations adopt strict policies and procedures whilst ensuring employees comply with the same.

This training module will bring you up to date with current industry practices and regulations for preventing money laundering and identifying financial crimes.

Money laundering activities can occur across different operational areas of any type of business followed by serious consequences. You are about to take an important first step to preventing financial crimes in your organization by starting this training.

This module is designed to help professionals who have never knowingly been a part of preventing money laundering in their organization, as well as experienced executives who need to ensure their company is fully compliant with current AML policies and regulations they are subject to.

This training program is divided into 11 topics, each covers an essential subject area of AML. From start to finish, this course will take approximately 60 minutes. You can pause and exit your training at will. When you are ready to come back, the program will restart where you left off.

Language English
Audio No
Duration 120 Minutes
Assessment The minimum pass percentage to complete this course is 70%