KPMG is a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services. KPMG has had a presence in the region for nearly 50 years, and is one of the leading professional services firm providing risk, financial, business, information technology, tax, regulatory, internal audit, and corporate governance services to a range of clients including business corporations, governments and public sector agencies and even civil society organizations. We are proud of our commitment, professionalism and the way we live out our higher purpose of inspiring confidence and empowering change through our core values.  Our culture extends beyond good business practice. We are also recognized for the efforts we make to alleviate poverty, support education and protect the environment around the world. KPMG member firms work diligently to address these problems and make a positive difference in peoples’ health, welfare and prosperity.

Lifelong learning is a central tenet of our citizenship strategy. Across the KPMG network, we understand and value the benefits of a foundation of education and lifelong learning. With this core principle in mind and with the significant development of technology based learning, we have established a virtual learning hub to provide an enhanced easy-to-use digital experience.  This platform will cater to the training needs of everyone engaging with our digital learning hub.

KPMG’s Learning Hub will focus on key issues and programs that will be pivotal to every organization’s success, and will showcase the latest digital advancements that will help the modern day user to capitalize their time.

Our online learning hub will feature a host of key features including:

Mobile Responsive Design

Users will be able to access learning modules via their smart phones, tablets, or a personal computer through the platform’s ability to adapt to any device’s screen size automatically.

Improved Usability

All our page layouts and site navigation systems are built based on ‘user experience’ research, and therefore support the training requirements of a range of different users. So, whether you are seeking to learn, enhance or improve your credentials, we will be able to create bespoke modules/ programs to suit your learning requirements.

Social Engagement

The learning hub will incorporate a range of social features including:

  • Social media dashboards – easily explore content across KPMG’s social media channels.
  • A one-click access to the most recent market updates, such as the publications, surveys and regulatory news.
  • Sharing content on social media networks.
  • Sharing your thoughts and opinions via our feedback section on a range of articles and reports.